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Beyond Empowerment:
The Age of the Self-Managed Organization

Imagine a consequential company with no human bosses, no designated managers, no titles, no hierarchy, no visible structure, and no unilateral authority to fire anyone. Imagine such a company gaining ascendancy in its industry organized solely around shared principles of freedom and self-management. Imagine a company held together by little more than its principles, mission, processes and a culture of learning and coaching. This is the story of such a company.

Going beyond empowerment means that people have all the power they need to perform effectively from the very moment they join an organization–regardless of the level of responsibility or complexity. They are immune from threats or coercion. They are free to seek any needed resources or relationships on their own initiative. They are free to develop themselves and advance organizational learning. Ultimately, they are responsible for results to themselves, their peers and the organizational mission.

Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization introduces a very different approach to competition in a global economy. Patents expire. Trade secrets leak. Competitors replicate superior business practices. Systems and talent are fungible. The only source of lofty and sustained competitive advantage is the ability to push beyond empowerment into the demanding yet rewarding frontier of true self-management.

Praise for Beyond Empowerment:

“I am happy to report the book succeeds. This is an essential title for anyone building a library of books around culture design and ‘culture hacking’. I give it my highest recommendation..”
Daniel Mezick
Culture Strategist, Keynoter, and Author of The Culture Game: Tools for the Agile Manager and The OpenSpace Agility Handbook

“This book, which sheds light on all things self-management, will make you forever look at every process in every workplace and realize ‘There’s a better way to do this’.”
Paul Walker
Self-Management Trainer, Zappos

Beyond Empowerment was a powerful tool in our transformation and continues to be part of our onboarding for new employees. It is a must read for anyone ready to take a journey towards self-management where human engagement is a priority and employees are truly empowered in an autonomous way to drive strategy, make decisions and hold each other accountable.”
Stephenie Gloden
Vice President, University of Phoenix

“Great book!”
Chris Rufer
Founder of The Morning Star Company

May 2017/Jetlaunch

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Doug Kirkpatrick

Beyond Empowerment:
The Age of the Self-Managed Organization

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