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The traditional conference model with expert speakers, panelist presenters and keynote presentations, as compelling as they may be, precludes so many dynamic and purposeful conversations between peers and professional colleagues from which we can learn so much.

By simply glancing around the room as we sit theatre style spending most of our time as passive listeners, we quickly realize the exponential wisdom that is sitting in the audience.

It’s time to turn the traditional conference model on its head, to amplify one’s take home learning and to infuse it with practical and actionable ideas ignited by the give and take conversations that typically take place in an ad hoc way during coffee breaks and lunch periods. Too often these invaluable encounters are just too short.

So many missed opportunities to connect, to tap into each other’s expertise, to hone in with others on topics of mutual interest, to dig deeper and to amplify one’s learning and action planning.  Not to mention the lasting connections that result from these deeper discussions.

Open Space is uniquely designed to breath new life into our outdated conference models in ways that accelerate applied learning and maximize the sharing of practical information.

Whether groups of 50, 500 or 5000, Open Space can ignite a room in ways we never could have imagined. We know we’ve been involved in this work around the world for many years.

Disrupting how we engage at United Packaging Associates’ “Evolve or Perish” Event