Doug Kirkpatrick

Personal History

I grew up as a fifth-generation Montanan in one of the last valleys to be settled in the lower 48 states, in the northwestern part of the state. It was magical to grow up in the mountains with horses, dogs, geese and assorted wild critters and learn the natural rhythms of four distinct seasons. My dear Canadian mother conveyed dual citizenship to me, and it’s always great to celebrate two sets of holidays (Boxing Day!) and cheer for two countries when the Olympics roll around.”

“On the first day of first grade at Peterson Elementary School, our sweet and kindly teacher, Mrs. Duden, asked us to color a picture of a buffalo in brown crayon. Feeling creative, I used black and brown crayons, earning a severe reprimand. An unforgettable learning experience! Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with the tension between organizational freedom and accountability. I also asked the question ‘why?’ an awful lot (and still do). Too often, according to some. One of my favorite questions: What does it mean to be a successful human being?

Somewhere along the line, I discovered twin loves: travel and writing. Most of my writing was pedestrian at best; I sincerely hope it’s gotten marginally better over the years. I’ve found many ways to repurpose my books, including using them as paperweights, door stops and flyswatters. Occasionally someone will read one and tell me it was useful—I always appreciate that. Some international business leaders decided to translate my book into Chinese and German and soon Russian—I appreciate that, too.

Travel in pursuit of my mission to help others experience the freedom and joy of self-managed workplaces has been terrific. Leaders in China, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Dubai, Turkey, Russian Federation, Sweden and others have been warm and receptive. Because the benefits of organizational self-management are compelling, it’s a subject I never get tired of talking about.” – Doug Kirkpatrick

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Doug Kirkpatrick

Beyond Empowerment:
The Age of the Self-Managed Organization

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