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Open Space Strategic Dialogues

A Powerful Way to Engage Broadly
Everyone’s Voice Counts
High Engagement + Buy-in = RESULTS
Creativity & Teamwork at its Best

We know the power of invitation and how communications in an organization can be transformed when people feel included, know the stakes and have the freedom to contribute the best of who they are, individually and collectively.

We understand the struggles of leadership, of conveying the strategic direction in ways that align and ignite people to a common purpose and shared goals.  We also know the high cost to organizational success when communications and engagement are sub-optimized.

It’s why we place such great emphasis on strategic dialogue processes that purposefully invite and rapidly engage everyone connected to the most important strategic issues in an organization or group.

It’s why Open Space Technology has become such an important part of our consulting practice. More than a meeting process, people can fully engage in the work of the business, going beyond traditional hierarchy and functional silos. It’s a way for everyone to experience the power of self-management.

Open Space is an elegantly simple social technology that zeroes in on what matters most. All resources in the company have space to contribute and deliver results.

We guide you in these new processes. We continuously consult; we engage in purposeful conversations to better understand your business and culture. We connect our work to your work.  We transfer learning throughout. We seek ease and speed working with you.

Many opportunities to use Open Space

  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Department, Interdepartmental or Cross-Functional Gatherings
  • Business Meetings (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Retreats and Summits
  • Special Sector Events
  • Customer/Vendor Consultations

Decision Triggers for an Open Space

  • A real matter of concern – a lot at stake
  • High degree of complexity
  • Lots of diversity: people and points of view
  • Genuine urgency (decision time of yesterday)
  • Real passion and yes even potential conflict!

Pictorial diagram of Open Space

This is the definitive guide on Open Space Technology, originated by Harrison Owen more than 30 years ago. It’s a simple and highly effective meeting process utilized for groups from 5 to 4,000 people that has been used in thousands of organizations in more than 140 countries.

Suzanne is one of the international co-authors of this first French Book on Open Space Technology.