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Organizational Self-Management

Build a Culture of High Performance
Engage Generations Y and Z
Develop Leaders and Innovators
Improve Retention

Co-creating a self-managed organizational ecosystem is more than just employee engagement, business performance, retention, and less bureaucracy. It’s the right thing to do.

We listen to you and we listen to your culture. We learn what makes you tick. We ask powerful questions that respect your time. We learn about your organizational strengths, and then we help you leverage your strengths to shift the culture.

We share your vision of a desired future state for your organization in an informative presentation about the compelling benefits of self-management. Then we engage in high-energy dialectical interplay to answer any questions.

Just as NASA sends astronaut trainees up in a jet that makes a parabolic arc to demonstrate brief periods of weightlessness in preparation for space flight, we engage people with social technologies that let them experience self-management.

We do the hard technical work of identifying and documenting process roles and responsibilities, KPIs and decision-making authority to create the basic infrastructure of a self-managed work environment.

We work side by side with you, answering questions, facilitating, coaching, consulting, educating, training and measuring to create and document successful outcomes.

At the heart of Self-Management:

Accountability + Transparency + Clarity = Performance

Working with your team and individual contributors, we create a robust infrastructure to support you on your self-management journey.

  • Personal Mission Statements (“Why am I working here?”)
  • Process Stewardships (“What do I do?”)
  • Decision Rights (“What is the scope of my decision-making authority?”)
  • Key Performance Indicators ‘KPIs’ (“How am I’m performing?”)
  • Accountability Connections (“Who are my stakeholders?”)
  • Peer Agreements (“What are my commitments?”)