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Suzanne Daigle grew up in manufacturing, in the forest products industry. Hired as a former journalist to share the story of business with all company stakeholders, it’s where she first understood the exponential power of communications, strategy and engagement to drive high performance and bottom-line results.

Her career in this multi-billion-dollar industry, working shoulder to shoulder with people at every level of the organization, led to increased responsibilities with leadership roles and decision-making accountabilities in core sectors of the business.

Suzanne Daigle

Her boots on the ground manufacturing experience is why she was so attracted to organizational self-management because it was pragmatic, practical and inclusive by having everyone involved in the work of the business.  It was a way to institutionalize more formally what was happening informally and ad-hoc.

Another defining career experience that led her to self-management was working for the 3rd largest wireless company in the US.  As a member of the leadership team, the company experienced a radical culture change in a few short months. A laggard in the industry was transformed to a top performer, doubling its sales revenue, dramatically improving performance on all key indicators, and reducing turnaround from a chronic run rate of 40% to less than 6%.  It happened by including everyone in the strategy of the business, through communications and by aligning everybody on the key priorities. Later the company was sold for $.5.7 billion.

Today as a co-founder and partner in NuFocus Strategic Group, Suzanne’s consulting practice is centered on social technologies that invite individuals and groups to self-organize, self-manage, collaborate and contribute on strategy and execution in ways that go far beyond traditional hierarchy and roles. The outcome is a coalescing of diverse individuals and groups around the most important issues and opportunities of an organization to drive new solutions, high performance and sustainable results.

Suzanne Daigle - UPASuzanne is an internationally recognized Open Space Technology facilitator.

Open Space is a highly effective social technology used around that world to drive strategy and results. She has facilitated small and large groups (5 to 350 people) in a multitude of settings (business and industry, science, technology, community, education, arts and culture).  She has worked and collaborated internationally in Open Space in the Philippines, Serbia, Chile, Germany, Taiwan, France, Canada and the US.  She has also coached and mentored Open Space facilitators across many disciplines including her clients.

Suzanne Daigle - Open SpacesSuzanne Daigle has played an active national and international role by hosting the World Open Space in St. Petersburg Florida, as President of the Open Space Institute US (4 years) and by supporting her colleagues across the globe as they hosted major Open Space learning and training events.

Suzanne Daigle is a certified Scrum Master

Who is passionate about bringing Agile and Scrum technologies to the world of work beyond software.  Suzanne facilitated the first Open Space beyond Software event with 50 international practitioners in Phoenix Arizona in 2010 and NYC Agile with 350 technology professionals.  In Manila in the Philippines at the World Open Space 2016, she won rave reviews for the one-day hands-on workshop that she led on Agile beyond Software with 50 professionals including leaders in education.

Suzanne Daigle also played a leading role as one of the co-founders of United Packaging Associates (UPA) – a unique strategic networking trade association that has the potential to become a major force nationally.


Open Space Technology, Leadership, Culture, Self-Management, Communications, Business Strategy, Agile beyond Software, Manufacturing and Packaging


Personal History

“As a kid, our family moved around quite a bit. I was never in the same school for more than 2 years – it’s where I learned the value of building new relationships. It’s also where I got the travel bug …

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