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An Amazon International #1 Best Seller

Doug Kirkpatrick’s Latest Book

The No-Limits Enterprise: Organizational Self-Management In The New World Of Work

“The new business environment is too complex for traditional, command-and-control management, which is why self-management is emerging as a better way to live and work. Nobody knows or understands this better than Doug Kirkpatrick who has been on the frontline of its development. Anybody looking for smarter and more humane ways to work, that dignify everyone involved, will find a treasure trove of ideas and experience in this book. It could not come at a better time.”

Margaret Heffernan
CEO and Author, Willful Blindness

NuFocus Strategic Group
The Best Boss is a Common Purpose
Managing Distributed Workers – A Crash Course

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. —Frank Zappa

Imagine A Work Environment…

  • Where every person is PROUD of what they do
  • The RIGHT people make the RIGHT decisions
  • Teams NAVIGATE chaos with grace and ease
  • The culture is FREE of bureaucracy
  • And EVERYONE moves in UNISON

Translate Strategy Into Action

Doug Kirkpatrick’s New Book Release
The NO LIMITS Enterprise
Showcased in NYC’s Times Square
by Forbes Books

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Doug Kirkpatrick

“Organizational self-management is beyond empowerment.
Self-management is power itself.”

An Amazon International #1 Best Seller

Doug Kirkpatrick’s

From Hierarchy to High Performance:
Unleashing the Hidden Superpowers of Ordinary People to Realize Extraordinary Results

“Managing culture might be the hardest part of a manager’s job. In this actionable book, seven leaders share their lessons of experience about creating workplaces where people are empowered to excel, find meaning, build trust, and drive change without sacrificing their well-being along the way.”

Adam Grant
New York Times bestselling author of GIVE AND TAKE, ORIGINALS, and OPTION B with Sheryl Sandberg

Doug Kirkpatrick’s

Beyond Empowerment:
The Age of the Self-Managed Organization

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Suzanne Daigle

“Strategy works when you invite, include
and involve more people across the organization.”

Aligning Culture to Business
Strategy is What We Do

You are proud of your organization and see great opportunity ahead, yet the path forward is disorienting and fraught with uncertainty. Disruptive technology, relentless competition and people issues demand effective leadership.

You want the right people making the right decisions. You want to manage risk appropriately. You want to recruit and retain the people you need to innovate and succeed. You want to make winners of all your stakeholders.

Here’s what you also want: an ability to align your business strategy with an effective people strategy in order to create a culture that powerfully translates strategy into action.

NuFocus helps you to implement organizational self-management through culture, systems, language, technologies, principles and practices that will make your business thrive.

Do you see the world at work as we see it?

Organizations are full of leaders and innovators
People do their best work free of coercion
The best boss is a common purpose
Profit and revenue are everyone’s business
Bureaucracy is dead; it just doesn’t know it yet

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